An ex-asylum seeker has beaten the UKIP leader of  Thanet District Council at the county council elections.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have polled more votes than a leading UKIP politician,” said Aram Rawf who arrived in this country as a teenage refugee from Iraq.

Aram, who now lives in Broadstairs, stood in the elections for Kent County Council on May 4 and beat Chris Wells, leader of Thanet District Council, by over 300 votes.

As widely expected, the seat was won by the Conservative candidate, but Aram sees a bright side to the result.

“It was considered an unwinnable seat for the Labour Party,” Aram said. “But I put my heart into the campaign and I’m proud to have knocked UKIP into third place. I feel I have helped wiped this party off the Kent County Council political map.”

He added: “I believe UKIP is a racist party and any victory against UKIP is a victory for humanity and universal human rights.”

Aram will now be campaigning hard for a Labour Party win in the general election.

“I am a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn,” he said, “And I want to see him as the next prime minister of this country.”

He said: “I’d also like to thank all the people who voted for me and every single person who helped me.”


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