Last year South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay accused Christine Tongue and two other of his constituents of being “anti Semitic” .

This was after they took part in a peaceful protest against a local company ,  Instro Precision, which is involved in arms manufacture.

Instro is owned by the notorious Israeli-owned Elbit Systems which makes drones that have been used to monitor and kill the Palestinian residents of Gaza.

The protest was part of a Kent-wide demo by the Campaign Against the Arms Trade which targeted weapons companies across the country, including British Aerospace and Babcock International.

Weeks after the protest, Mackinlay wrote to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asking him to ban Christine and the other protestors from a rally in Ramsgate, alleging they were “examples of anti-semitism”. He gave them no chance to respond or defend themselves and then tweeted this letter to his followers.

In this video Christine asks the controversy-dogged Mackinlay, now standing for re-election in South Thanet, to apologise for his behaviour.

(Note: The Crown Prosection Service is still considering pressing charges against Craig Mackinlay because of alleged irregularities in the reporting of his election expenses in the 2015 general election. )


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