Jeremy Corbyn has been attacked for wanting to take us back to the 1970s. In reply Steven Todd, who lives in Broadstairs, wrote this on Facebook…

So Jeremy Corbyn wants to take us back to the ā€™70s, does he? (It must be true,the Daily Mail told me so).

While there were some pretty grim aspects to that decade, let’s not forget it was an age when we had enough policemen on the street, when young people could afford to buy a home, when children played games with other children (instead of in a chat room with some weirdo of 50 pretending he’s 14) when food banks were unheard of, when real banks served real people instead of themselves, when hospitals still had matrons instead of MRSA, when we had a manufacturing industry, when Britain owned its energy companies, when university was free and taught you something of your subject (instead of what you need to pass an exam) and when your food wouldn’t be 80% sugar, chemicals and colouring. People talk of the strikes, and, yes,there were too many. But therein lies the rub. Today’s government wouldn’t dream of allowing such power to the working man. He must be oppressed, lied to, preyed upon and thoroughly frightened into toeing the line, until finally robbed of his pension upon retirement. This is a gutless age in which the lies of the media and the spin of the government have created a moral vacuum.

Welcome to the age of beige, sound-tracked by that nice Ed Sheeran. Welcome to the dissatisfied, post-Brexit world of today.


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