Poor old Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay.
The other day we we were surprised to find him making a big effort to connect with Thanet folk by canvassing in Ramsgate town centre. As one of his Tory toff mates said: “We don’t normally do this kind of thing – people usually just vote for us.” Could he be rattled by the threat presented by his Labour and UKIP opponents?
Or perhaps is it maybe more to do with the fact those pesky Crown Prosecution Service people are mulling over his spending in the 2015 election..? After all, the possibility of a fine or even prison sentence is less than thrilling, especially when you feel and claim that you have done absolutely nothing wrong.
He certainly didn’t seem his usual jolly self. And he had vanishingly few senior local Tories at his side. About the only one was that maverick Jason Savage, the sort of beaming, vicious, political gadfly he probably could have done without anyway.
Could it be that ex-UKIP founder Craig has fallen out of favour with his local Tory colleagues? Surely not!
But perhaps so. One senior Conservative councillor told one of Moley’s spies that Craig had done nothing to help her campaign in the recent county council elections. He also hadn’t had gone round canvassing with her – but that “maybe wasn’t such a bad thing.” Oh, does that mean he’s gone toxic, asked our spy? The Tory nodded.
As we say, poor old Craig…


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  1. My daughter and myself went to one of MR Mackinlay.s surgery’s about a serious mould problem we have had for years .During our meeting he said there were hundreds of people coming to him with this problem .And i asked him what he is doing about it he just looked at me and shrugged and that was 8 months ago and nothing as been done yet .And it is a serious health risk to me and my family . AND I DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR HIM.

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