Contoversy-tossed Conservative candidate for South Thanet Craig Mackinlay is a chartered accountant – and proud of it.

At the moment, though, Craig is still under investigation for how he accounted for his 2015 election expenses spending. (“I’ve done nothing wrong,” he claims.)

But, Craig, isn’t that what accountants are supposed to be for – accounting for things? There’s irony for you.

Though, of course, as a chartered accountant, one thing Craig does know about is the meaning of wealth – and helping his rich clients get even richer.

And Old Mole, for one, believes he’s very good at that.

After all, he’s already abolished child poverty in Thanet.

Yes, it’s true

Last year, Craig told us: “Poverty is an emotive word which suggests a picture that we associate with true third world conditions. These are very rare anywhere in the UK and practically non-existent in Thanet.”

But, Craig, this was after a charity published figures showing that more than a THIRD of Thanet’s children are now in poverty – and the figure’s rising.

Like the clever figures man he is, the whizzkid ex-Ukipper simply redefined these kids out of existence.

And while we’re on the question on figures, Craigey old chap…

Have you by any chance worked out how many days people who break election expenses laws are likely to spend in prison and how that much that would add up to in lost earnings for a highly paid chartered accountant?

I mean, just to be on the precautionary side…




One comment

  1. If its possible could you ask him if he gets back in what is he going to do about the mould problem in east Kent. I know when and if he gets in he will ignore the problem just like Dover Council dose to them this problem dose not exist but its effecting hundreds of peoples health to I hope you put this to him because hundreds of us have and we have got no were .

    thank you Dave Quarrinton .

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