Craig Mackinlay, controversy-clouded Conservative candidate for South Thanet, still hasn’t heard whether or not he’s to be prosecuted over his 2015 election expenses spending.
But don’t weep too many tears for this ambitious character who, novelly, was both one of the founders of UKIP and also beat it’s erstwhile leader, Nigel Farage, to become MP for Thanet.

After all, Craig has had certain electoral problems (though on a smaller scale) in the past.
This was back in 2012 in a very different election in Kent, but again for the Tories, when around 50 people got mail-shots from him who hadn’t signed up to get them. This was a clear breach of data protection legislation.

There were complaints and Macca had to apologise. He said it was “an honest mistake” – but it’s still unclear how these people’s personal details ended up being added to the local Tory party’s database.
In the end baby face Macca ended up losing the election. But maybe this was only poetic justice.
Old Mole believes naughtiness should NEVER pay – but especially not when you’re trying to become Kent’s first elected police commissioner…!!


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