stuart piper

Back in 2011 the UKIP candidate for South Thanet,  Rev Stuart Piper, was involved in a case which made him famous among employment law experts.

Problem is – he won’t tell us what happened.

At the time the Rev was employed as a chaplain by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

The Trust tried to sack him for alleged “gross misconduct”.

The case went to an employment tribunal, the trust eventually lost their case and had to pay the Rev compensation.

Now there’s been much on the internet about the unusual complications of the case – that’s what made it of interest to employment law buff.

But there is NOTHING about what the alleged “gross misconduct” allegedly was.

Even freedom of information requests of the trust have yielded nothing.

But this now being an issue of major interest to the voting public the Watch wrote to the Rev asking him to clear it up.

Alas, the Rev left us none the wiser.

He wrote…

“Be careful what you print. 

I am not going to allow you to retry a case that has already been decided by the Courts. 

You know and I know that the Trust paid considerable compensation for wrongful, unlawful dismissal.

My legal colleague, should you require any guidance is Mr Piers Wauchope who is a Barrister at Law

He can be contacted through my agent on [******]”

But, Rev, is there nothing in the Bible about being open and straightforward about things?

Why can’t you tell us what allegedly did or allegedly didn’t happen?

If people are considering voting for you haven’t they the right to know?

If anyone else out there knows, drop us an email…


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