Blimey! It’s all happening in Thanet – again! Old Mole has received the following report from a spokesperson for an organisation called Thanet Left about a protest against Nigel Farage’s visit to Ramsgate.

“An excellent afternoon for the Anti-Kippers. Farage announced he would speak today in the large, historic Odd Fellows Hall in Ramsgate, a capacity of a couple of hundred. 

He ended up over the road in the tiny Townley Club speaking to barely 50. His speech was hard to hear, we were told, because of catcalls, music and shouting by the South Thanet Progressives, and Thanet Stand Up to Ukip.
And then when he came to leave, we stood our ground and prevented his car from leaving for what seemed ages. We had to outwit the police, his minders and the muscle he’d booked for the day. 
Eventually they went to plan B and stuffed him in a Landrover and pulled off at speed from a gated side entrance.
Well done to everyone, all those who came to the Anti-Ukip Tea Party in town and then came with magnificent flags and banners to speak for the genuine people of Ramsgate. Today was a massive win for us. Farage and his party are a spent force.”
Virus-free. www.avg.com

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