craig at educ hustings 2017

HAS HE GOT A PRAYER? Craig at a hustings in Ramsgate

Poor old controversy-kebabbed Craig Mackinlay, Tory candidate for South Thanet.

The other day he turned up at an education hustings in Ramsgate.

You expect a bit of hoopla  when the area’s former MP and (until recently at least) hot favourite to win the seat again, turns up for a public event.

But the sad chap arrived all on his own.

There were no senior local Tories present.

He was even reduced to buying his own drink.

During the hustings he got no more than a smattering of polite applause.

But he got more than his helping of witty heckling.

And indignity of indignities he was utterly eclipsed by the Green Party candidate.

Trevor, a retired teacher, calmly wiped the floor with the Tory and his government’s abysmal record on education.

Yes, it was a bad night for Craig.

And this was all BEFORE the news broke about his prosecution over criminal offences arising from his spending during the 2015 general election.

Craig is innocent until he’s proven guilty.

But it looks like many of his fellow Tories have ALREADY made their minds up about him.

He’s due in court on July 4.


One comment

  1. He ignored people who came to his surgery complaining of living with Horrendous mould spoors in there homes .And according to him they came in there hundreds and he did Nothing .

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