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Ramsgate people react with their customary candidness to the news that their Tory candidate, Craig Mackinlay, has been charged in connection with alleged breaches of spending limits during his 2015 election campaign. Mackinlay claims to have done nothing wrong and will proceed with his bid to become South Thanet’s MP for a second time.



By Rob Wedge
Isis has claimed responsibility for the horrific Manchester bombing.
So were they, by any chance, trying to influence the general election?
But if so, how would Isis want you to vote on June 8th?

Let’s think…

Isis and their followers believe in “jihad” – a struggle against the western powers who they blame for the bad things happening in the world.

They believe there will come a final, apocalyptic reckoning in which they will win and establish a glorious caliphate empire across the world.

This means…

They WANT their suicide bombers to stir up hatred and violent reaction.

They WANT western powers, like Britain and the US to answer their bombings and killings by pouring military force into the Middle East.

They WANT western countries to “crack down” on immigration.

They WANT them to ban burkhas and make Moslems and other foreigners feel under suspicion.

They WANT the West to be aggressive, to be hostile, to shoot on sight.


Because this will prove everything they preach to their followers is true.

Because this will ramp up the numbers of volunteers ready to commit more outrages.

Because this will fan the flames of fear and suspicion and hate and racism absolutely vital to their campaign.

Because this will further their cause.

Now who do you reckon is more likely to give Isis what they want?

Someone who will maybe favour repressive measures against foreigners, a pointless counter attack in Syria or Afghanistan, a shoot to kill policy on our streets, and much more hand-holding with Donald Trump in America’s endless “war on terror”…?

Or someone who has fought for peace all his life despite bitter opposition from inside and outside his own party?

Theresa May or… Jeremy Corbyn?

Which one would Isis want you to vote for?

Think carefully before you decide.




Craig Mackinlay, controversy-clouded Conservative candidate for South Thanet, still hasn’t heard whether or not he’s to be prosecuted over his 2015 election expenses spending.
But don’t weep too many tears for this ambitious character who, novelly, was both one of the founders of UKIP and also beat it’s erstwhile leader, Nigel Farage, to become MP for Thanet.

After all, Craig has had certain electoral problems (though on a smaller scale) in the past.
This was back in 2012 in a very different election in Kent, but again for the Tories, when around 50 people got mail-shots from him who hadn’t signed up to get them. This was a clear breach of data protection legislation.

There were complaints and Macca had to apologise. He said it was “an honest mistake” – but it’s still unclear how these people’s personal details ended up being added to the local Tory party’s database.
In the end baby face Macca ended up losing the election. But maybe this was only poetic justice.
Old Mole believes naughtiness should NEVER pay – but especially not when you’re trying to become Kent’s first elected police commissioner…!!




Contoversy-tossed Conservative candidate for South Thanet Craig Mackinlay is a chartered accountant – and proud of it.

At the moment, though, Craig is still under investigation for how he accounted for his 2015 election expenses spending. (“I’ve done nothing wrong,” he claims.)

But, Craig, isn’t that what accountants are supposed to be for – accounting for things? There’s irony for you.

Though, of course, as a chartered accountant, one thing Craig does know about is the meaning of wealth – and helping his rich clients get even richer.

And Old Mole, for one, believes he’s very good at that.

After all, he’s already abolished child poverty in Thanet.

Yes, it’s true

Last year, Craig told us: “Poverty is an emotive word which suggests a picture that we associate with true third world conditions. These are very rare anywhere in the UK and practically non-existent in Thanet.”

But, Craig, this was after a charity published figures showing that more than a THIRD of Thanet’s children are now in poverty – and the figure’s rising.

Like the clever figures man he is, the whizzkid ex-Ukipper simply redefined these kids out of existence.

And while we’re on the question on figures, Craigey old chap…

Have you by any chance worked out how many days people who break election expenses laws are likely to spend in prison and how that much that would add up to in lost earnings for a highly paid chartered accountant?

I mean, just to be on the precautionary side…