Thanet Watch magazine has published what it claims to be a guide to bribing the local council.

The guide, billed as being written by a “council insider”, offers an extraordinary “dos and don’ts” of using money to get planning permission or other decisions in your favour.

It says that the practice of giving council officers or members “brown envelopes” filled with money is a thing of the past.

Instead, according to the guide, people who try to influence councillors go in for selling them varioys luxury goods at greatly reduced prices, or finding ways for them to go on holidays to exotic places.

Thanet Watch editor Norman Thomas says that it’s not surprising that the guide should be published in Thanet.

“Our area has a long history of corruption and improper conduct in public office,” he said, “with two leaders of the council having gone to jail – one for actually forging money – and over the years many inquiries by the police and other bodies into allegations of corruption.”

Mr Thomas added: “And these are only for things which have to the light of day. Local people suspect that much more has been going on which hasn’t – yet – been exposed.”

Mr Thomas said that he hopes in publishing the guide the magazine will hasten the day when what he calls “deep rooted habits of corruption” will be rooted out in the area.

The guide is published in the latest issue of THANET WATCH magazine which is in newsagents and shops across Thanet now.

For more information, contact Thanet Watch on 01843 604253, 07989 070843 or


A THANET WATCH REPORT. The former leader of Thanet Council is now in prison for misconduct in public office. This is a clip from a previously unscreened film where he speaks shortly after taking up leadership in 2004. Full report in Thanet Watch magazine.


A THANET WATCH REPORT. Extracts from a Question Time format meeting in Broadstairs about political corruption in Thanet. Following the imprisonment of former Conservative council leader Sandy Ezekiel residents discuss the possible safeguards against corruption. On the panel: Louise Oldfield, citizen journalist, Ian Driver, independent councillor on Thanet district council and Norman Thomas, editor Thanet Watch magazine. More in Thanet Watch magazine for April.


The April edition of Thanet Watch magazine is out now in newsagents and shops across the Isle of Thanet.

In this issue:

CURSED BY CORRUPTION?  What does the imprisonment of ex-council leader Sandy Ezekiel tell us about corruption in Thanet?

BATTLING THE BEDROOM TAX: Thanet residents call for non-stop protest against “devastating” benefit cuts.

THANET HEALTH LTD: Thanet is getting a new health regime  but who’s going to really benefit – patients or doctors?

ART COLLECTION CHAOS:  A local historian speaks out about the council’s gross neglect of Thanet’s heritage.

WHY WELLS WALKED:  Councillor Chris Wells didn’t make Pope but he’ll always have the new Broadstairs Community Centre (if it happens).

DEATH IN THANET: The latest installment in the dark thriller about sleaze and corruption in high places.


A special emergency meeting in which people will get a chance to put questions about corruption in Thanet will be held at 7pm, on Wednesday 20 March in Broadstairs.
The meeting will take a format similar to the TV “Question Time” programme, with a panel of experts answering questions submitted by the audience.
The meeting is being held by Thanet’s Independent Media Society, publisher of Thanet Watch,  in the wake of the imprisonment of ex-council leader Sandy Ezekiel and the news that Kent police are widening their investigations in the area.
The panel of commentators will include Ian Driver, chair of the council’s Overview and Scrutiny committee, and Louise Oldfield, citizen journalist and blogger.
People with questions they want to be put to the panel should send them to IMS, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs CT10 2BT or or telephone 01843 604 253.
The meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday March 20 at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2BT. All are welcome.



You may recall the other week a Thanet blogger alleged that the monthly magazine THANET WATCH for which I work was funded by the government of North Korea

I’ve sure it’s true, everything in the Thanet blogs is,  but why o why would the heirs of Kim “Eternal President” ll Sung want to spend their hard earned North Korean wons on us?

Now I think I have come up with an answer. 

North Korea is an extremely corrupt regime, as you know, but they must have heard scurrilous and unfounded rumours that there is somewhere even more corrupt, none than our own blessed Isle.

And so they must be funding this publication to establish whether or not this is true.

But what’s the basis of my belief, you ask?

Well, if this weren’t the case, why on earth would Thanet Watch be publishing a SPECIAL CORRUPTION ISSUE in a few days time?

It contains the most astounding and appalling evidence of corruption in the history of local government anywhere.

North Korea will be green with envy, I promise you.

Keep sending the wons, Kim.

“Thanet Leisure Force” … such a wonderful name isn’t it?

You can imagine them parachuting off the top balcony off one of the most historic venues in Britain and landing on the stage in the middle of some arty production and saying “Okay that’s enough of this elitist crap, bring on the male strippers and mixed martial arts death-matches!”

Apparently Jim Davidson is being brought in as artistic director.