A THANET WATCH REPORT. On November 29 2014 campaigners against live animal exports from the port of Ramsgate held a demonstration to show the strength of their feelings about the continuing trade in live animals being shipped to Europe in poor conditions and on very long journeys. All political parties were invited to send speakers. The UKIP representative, Piers Wauchope, was shouted down. Wauchope promised to put a ban on live exports in their manifesto, but animal rights activists say that UKIP is being hypocritical because they still support fox hunting.


A THANET WATCH REPORT. Thanet Green Councillor Ian Driver calls for action over the failure of ferry company Transeuropa after it went bust owing more than £3 million to Thanet District Council. Driver blames the Chief Executive and the leaders of the previous administration, and the current one, who all went on letting the debt accumulate without the public knowing for three years.