We leave the Labour Party Conference with one word of the Great Leader Corbyn’s final speech ringing in our ears: “socialism”.

Since the days of Saint Tony Blair the word’s been a bit of dirty word in the Labour Party establishment. But now it’s back and Jeremy is even talking about “socialism for the 21st century.” Wow!

Just saying the S word brought huge roars of approval from the packed conference audience.

For the first time this year they had an overflow room for the leader’s speech where people watched JC on a giant video screen and that was pretty well fully, too.

Having finished his speech in the main conference, Jeremy popped into the overflow room and, in true Corbynesque fashion, ended up giving the cheering hordes there an impromptu summary of the speech they’d just heard. The comrades lapped it up.

But not everyone’s so keen on the S word.

Take anti-Corbyn MP Chuka Umunna for example. The other day a mischievous TV presenter asked Chuka if he considered himself a socialist. Chuka squirmed a bit and said that he saw himself as a “democratic socialist.”

That struck Old Mole as quite funny in the light of what’s going on in the Labour Party at the moment.

Chuka, pal, would you say it’s really all that democratic for a small fraction of the Labour Party to use every dirty trick in the book to try to subvert the will of the vast majority of the members? To suspend large numbers of people likely to vote the way you don’t want on any manner of ridiculous pretext?  To even command an end to all meetings at a local level in case members have the audacity to discuss the election and the monstrous shenanigans going on?

Is any of that democratic, would you say, Chuka?

Your answer on a picture postcard please to general secretary Iain McNicol.