Jackie Walker

Jeremy Corbyn achieved stunning success in the general election – despite a stream of smears and attacks which came from within his own party.

The most damaging attack was an accusation that he and many of his supporters were anti-semitic.

Now Corbyn supporter Jackie Walker is putting on a show which reveals the truth behind the smears.

It will be performed for the first time in Broadstairs on Sunday 18 June.

Says Jackie: “After he became leader of the Labour Party a vicious smear campaign against Jeremy began and as one of his supporters I found myself a target of a series of horrendous attacks, including a vicious and unfounded attempt to smear me as an anti-semite.”

“It was the most shocking experience of my life,” she says.

A victim of what she claims was “fake news” and a barrage of false allegations, Jackie was removed from her position as vice-chair of the Corbyn-supporting Momentum group.

“I was demonised by the media,” Jackie says. “People attacked me in the street and the abuse I got on social media was truly disgusting. I was even suspended by the Labour Party. It was horrible.”

The worst thing was, Jackie says, is that she was unable to defend herself. “The media had passed verdict on me – and nobody wanted to hear what I had to say.”

Her new one-woman show provides her with the chance to tell her side of the story – including her extraordinary personal history .

“I came over to Britain from Jamaica as a child in the 1950s and, believe me, I know what racism is all about. That’s why it was so awful when people tried to smear me as a racist.”

During the course of her show Jackie, who has a background in drama, plays her own mother, herself as a child and a lawyer prosecuting her.

She remains a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn..

She says: “Jeremy achieved a stunning victory in the general election – despite the efforts of people even within his own party to undermine him. It just adds to my admiration of Jeremy that he succeeded despite these efforts.”

The first performance of the Lynching is at 7pm on Sunday 18 June at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs. Jackie will then take the production on a short tour of the country, including two days in the Edinburgh Fringe climaxing in a performance during the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Entrance by donation. All seats must be booked in advance – telephone 07989070843 or email




Letter to Jeremy Corbyn Number Two


Given the number of problems and issues facing you currently, Jeremy, my suggestion of what you should put top of your to-do list may surprise you.

It’s Donald Trump.

Many people believe Trump is a force for the bad but think he won’t be able to do much, because of the checks and balances in the US constitution.

But weirdly the US constitution means that while its president is held back creating good things (like a new health care system), it’s a whole different nuclear-powered kettle of kippers when it comes to bad things: like going to war.

In theory only the US congress can declare war. But acting as their country’s “commander in chief” presidents have in fact taken their country into a series of conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Then there’s the matter of Trump’s finger on the nuclear trigger.

On January 20, after Obama steps down, the military officer carrying the nuclear codes will start following Trump.

From that moment on Trump will be able to order the launch one or one thousand nuclear warheads, each many times the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, whenever he pleases.

But to make things critically worse Trump may just have the motivation to pull the trigger.

This is because he has gained power by making huge promises – among the most important of which are to restore US employment on an epic scale, reviving dead or dying industries.

There is only one way he will be able to fulfill those apparently impossible promises – and that is by going to war.

And Trump being Trump might just do it.

This is why we need a major global movement against him.

This movement needs to embrace all those people in America who are already passionately opposed to him – as well as the multitudes in the rest of the world who see the danger he poses.

This movement certainly won’t be led by people like Theresa May who are already “repositioning” themselves to be on side with Trump.

This movement needs leaders who a record of refusing to compromise with the political or commercial establishment.

People who have risen outside the conventional power structures, because that’s the only way they will be trusted.

People like Bernie Sanders.

People like Jeremy Corbyn.

Go for it Jeremy. Start making the speeches.

All the best

R.B. Wedge



Letter to Jeremy Corbyn Number 1


Whatever you do Jeremy please don’t reach an accommodation  with people in the Parliamentary Labour Party. It will do you no good whatsoever.

On the one hand, it will just give them breathing space to stab you in the back.  On the other hand, it will cause the people in the party at large who voted for you, as well as the wide range of our supporters outside the party, to lose their faith.

The vast majority of people who voted for you in your two election leaderships voted for you exactly because you have never been prepared to compromise on your principles with your parliamentary colleagues.

By reaching an accommodation with them now you risk losing the support  of the people who love you and what you represent.

It’s hard to work out what the future holds for the either the Labour Party, or for British or even world politics, but I am certain that the way forward doesn’t lie in reaching any kind of agreement or compromise with members of parliament whose ideas have failed the country in the past and are all too likely to do so again.

Despite the media, despite the heckling and the whispering from people in the Westminster “bubble” your supporters across the country want you to go forward with the principles and values and policies you have supported your entire parliamentary career. Please, please do so. We will be with you.

All the best

R.B. Wedge




Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Margate

Things are on the move in North Thanet Labour Party.

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have won all the key offices in the constituency which includes Margate and Herne Bay.

Barry Lewis is now secretary, John Gibson chair, Jon Worrow treasurer and Pauline Farrance women’s officer.

Membership has trebled, and new members are being converted on the doorstep, while ambitious plans for canvassing the area have been launched.

One of the prime movers behind the changes is Barry Lewis, who was once a councillor in Thanet.  He was famed for his stand against Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax back in 1990 and his clashes with Tory MP Roger Gale.

One insider told the Watch: “After years of inactivity, North Thanet Labour is going places. Watch this space.”



jackie walker subtle

The South East Regional Network of Momentum has passed a motion calling for the immediate reinstatement of Jackie Walker as vice-chair of Momentum nationally and condemning the decision to remove her.

On Sunday 30 October the network, which represents a wide array of Momentum local groups from Oxford to Thanet, adopted the emergency resolution which was moved by Momentum Brighton and Hove.

The resolution states that the evidence used by the steering group to take its decision — secret filming of a contribution Jackie made at a fringe meeting of the Labour Party conference – was “completely unacceptable”.

“Further,” the resolution contunues, “we do not believe that a decision of this magnitude should have been made by a hastily called steering group without due process but by a more democratic body with evidence being produced and with due respect to natural justice and after wider consultation.”





We leave the Labour Party Conference with one word of the Great Leader Corbyn’s final speech ringing in our ears: “socialism”.

Since the days of Saint Tony Blair the word’s been a bit of dirty word in the Labour Party establishment. But now it’s back and Jeremy is even talking about “socialism for the 21st century.” Wow!

Just saying the S word brought huge roars of approval from the packed conference audience.

For the first time this year they had an overflow room for the leader’s speech where people watched JC on a giant video screen and that was pretty well fully, too.

Having finished his speech in the main conference, Jeremy popped into the overflow room and, in true Corbynesque fashion, ended up giving the cheering hordes there an impromptu summary of the speech they’d just heard. The comrades lapped it up.

But not everyone’s so keen on the S word.

Take anti-Corbyn MP Chuka Umunna for example. The other day a mischievous TV presenter asked Chuka if he considered himself a socialist. Chuka squirmed a bit and said that he saw himself as a “democratic socialist.”

That struck Old Mole as quite funny in the light of what’s going on in the Labour Party at the moment.

Chuka, pal, would you say it’s really all that democratic for a small fraction of the Labour Party to use every dirty trick in the book to try to subvert the will of the vast majority of the members? To suspend large numbers of people likely to vote the way you don’t want on any manner of ridiculous pretext?  To even command an end to all meetings at a local level in case members have the audacity to discuss the election and the monstrous shenanigans going on?

Is any of that democratic, would you say, Chuka?

Your answer on a picture postcard please to general secretary Iain McNicol.



The other big topic of discussion at the Labour Party Conference is anti-Semitism, false allegations of which have been used to suspend innumerable members of the party and so stop them voting Jeremy Corbyn for leader.

Most of these allegations have come either from anti-Corbyn Labourites or anonymous characters, presumably supporters of the state of Israel.

But our own Thanet MP, Tory Craig Mackinlay, tried a novel variation on the practice.

A few days before Jeremy came to the Great Ramsgate Rally, which obviously propelled him to victory in the leadership race, Craig wrote to him claiming that four of the Tory MP’s constituents (including our very own Christine Tongue) were “examples of anti-Semitism,” – quoting, I have to say, pretty pathetic evidence taken from social media.

Christine was so horrified by Craig’s attack on her that she submitted a formal complaint to the Comssioner for Parliamentary Standards.

In the event the four constituents were quite rightly not suspended and, I’m sure, all ended up voting for the triumphant Jeremy.

But why ever did our Craig go in for this bit of nastiness? A desire to combat anti-Semitism in the Labour Party?   Really? On the part of a Tory MP who was actually one of the founders of UKIP?

No, I don’t think so either.

More likely it has something to do with the fact that three of the people he picked on recently took part in a demonstration against local arms maker Instro Precision.

Instro are owned by an Israeli company and Craig declared the demonstration an act “reeking of anti-Semitism.”

Now this seems a bit odd, not to say nonsensical, as the demo was actually organised by the Campaign Against the Arms Trade a long-standing pressure group who for many years have been protesting against the arms trade – utterly irrespective of the nationality of the arms-maker. In fact mostly CAAT go after our own British “dealers in death”.

So maybe, just maybe, it has less to do with Craig’s concerns about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party more to do with the fact that back in February our boy Craig was funded to the tune of £2,000 by Conservative Friends of Israel Ltd to go on a “fact finding” trip to Israel.

What do you reckon?