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Christine Tongue says more demos against Trump are on the way.

People from across Thanet came together on Monday to protest against Donald Trump outside the Broadstairs office of Tory MP Craig Mackinlay — and campaigners say there are more demonstrations to come.
The protest — against Trump’s temporary ban on people from seven mostly Moslem countries entering the US –was called by the Kent Anti-Racism Network and supported by Momentum Thanet and local Labour Party members.
One of the protesters, Christine Tongue from Broadstairs, said: “We are calling on the British government to  withdraw its invitation to Donald Trump to come on a state visit to the UK.”
Christine added: “But we are also calling on Thanet’s politicians to say where they stand on Trump, including Craig Mackinlay and Chris Wells, the UKIP leader of Thanet council. Do they think Donald Trump should come to the UK on a state visit? Do they agree with his apparently racist policies?”
During an hour long demonstration, protesters in Broadstairs chanted “Dump Trump” and plastered anti-Trump messages to Mr Mackinlay on his office window.
Christine said there would be more events and demonstrations to come. “We’re planning lots more action for the future, in particular challenging UKIP’s attitude to Trump’s nationalist and anti-foreigner policies, including a major anti-racism festival in April in Margate. We are calling on everyone who feels strongly about Trump and his ideas to come and join us.” 
For more information about forthcoming events ring 07989 070843


On Monday 30 January protestors demonstrated against Trump’s state visit to Britain. The demonstration took place outside the office of local Tory MP Craig Mackinlay. Graham Bash, member of Momentum Thanet, was one of the demonstrators. He comments in the clip below.



Momentum Thanet’s organiser Jackie Walker was suspended from the Labour Party for comments secretly filmed at a training session held by the Jewish Labour Movement at the Labour Party Conference. The day before the training session she spoke at a meeting held by Free Speech on Israel, a group of mainly Jewish activists . This is a full, uncut recording of her speech made with her permission.



One of the most extraordinary features of this Labour Party Conference is the Momentum festival which is running in parallel just a mile or so away.

This is called “A World Transformed” and it is a lot more exciting and noisy and sweaty than the conference proper and it takes place in some massive old building that used to be an old church.

It was in one of its many rooms that stalwarts of the Momentum Thanet put on an impromptu workshop in which they shared with other Momentum people the secrets of their success.

Thanet is now famous among political people from across the country as the place which denied Nigel Farage the parliamentary seat he set his heart on winning. And members of Momentum Thanet got laughs and applause when they recounted the famous day when the Thanet Stand Up To UKIP group dumbfounded the massed ranks of Kippers in Ramsgate by meeting them with a continental breakfast and cakes.

Hard on the heels of the successful workshop came an absolutely splendid  huge meeting with star speakers including Matt Wrack of the Fire Brigade Union and Ian Hodson of the Bakers Union. People spoke angrily of the barrage of unfair suspensions they’d experienced as shadowy figures inside the party tried, unsuccessfully, to stop Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership for a second time.

Most moving was Greg Hadfield speaking about the way his entire local Labour Party in Brighton and Hove has been suspended in the most unjust manner to try to subvert the course of democracy.

Oh, and yes, some bloke called John McDonnell was due to speak, too. Except it was getting very late and he was nowhere to be seen and for a moment or too the organisers seemed to be going potty and it was announced he wasn’t coming.

But then, at the last gasp, he did turn up and he spoke, too. And everybody cheered until the rafters rattled. Seemed a terribly nice chap. I think he’s the Shadow Chancellor or something…



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Norman Thomas, chair of Corbyn support group, Momentum Thanet, argues that although Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected Labour Party leader, there is no time to pause or celebrate.

Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as leader of the Labour Party is an historic victory both for the left in particular and for democracy as a whole.

Despite wholesale vilification in the mainstream media, despite blistering opposition from famous figures including Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair and J K Rowling, and despite – worst of all – a barrage of dirty tricks, smear tactics and bureaucratic mantraps laid by Jeremy’s own party, the Corbynistas have got their choice, the majority have had their way and a new and exciting path has been opened up in the moribund jungle of British politics.

But there’s no time for breath or celebration – the fight must go on.

Here’s why. In Thanet we have two Tory MPs and a UKIP-controlled council: people armed with the most backward, repressive and prejudiced policies of any politicians in the land.  With them in charge austerity will continue, inequality will grow and prejudice will flourish.

But this apparent domination of our community by the right is deceptive.

It has come about because of apathy and cynicism, the inevitable byproducts of a long-term depressed and impoverished local economy.  It has come about because of the readiness of individuals – without any rational basis for their beliefs – to blame immigrants for their economic ills.  It has come about because generations of our residents have no belief or trust – or interest – in their politicians. They don’t “do” politics any more.

But how do we fight this state of affairs?

Well, not by making promises. Thanet has had its fill of political hot air.

The only way forward is to get out into our community and actually DO THINGS – things which will make a real difference to people’s lives.

This is the point of Momentum Thanet’s “Another Thanet Is Possible” campaign which Jeremy Corbyn helped us launch in the Great Ramsgate Rally at the beginning of September. The aim of the campaign is to take on the big issues we face, including housing, jobs, health and education. We will gather hard evidence and data on these topics, we will enlist the aid of people nationally and locally and we will start CHANGING THINGS NOW.

When Jeremy Corbyn spoke at the Great Ramsgate Rally he inspired many. But one or two accused him of “preaching pie in the sky.” It’s the job of Momentum and all who supported Jeremy in his campaign to get to work and turn his pie in the sky into real food on the table for all.








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Do you have an idea which you think may help restore Thanet’s economic fortunes?

Now’s your chance to put it to Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy’s support group Momentum Thanet is putting together an alternative local plan for the Isle and is inviting anyone who has ideas to contribute to get in touch.

The emphasis will be on initiatives that create new jobs in Thanet, but they will have to be based on sound practical experience, be environmentally sustainable and provide employment at a rate above the living wage.

Momentum organiser Jackie Walker says that the idea was triggered by the visit of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to Thanet in January when he spoke in the Kings Theatre in Ramsgate.

Jackie said: “John mentioned the idea of local people in poorer areas like Thanet being encouraged to put forward their own economic plan for their area — so we decided to take him up on it.”

“I said, how about if people in Thanet put together their own economic plan and we present it to you. He said: why not come up to Westminster and present it to me and the entire Shadow Treasury Team!”

Momentum Thanet is inviting all people who live on the Isle to put forward their ideas and will be holding a series of meetings to discuss them.

And contributing to the plan is definitely NOT confined to members of the Labour Party.

“Our invitation is open to people of all parties and none,” Jackie said. “What we’re after are good, practical ideas based on people’s experience of living and working on the Isle.”

But, she added, priority will be given to ideas that are good for the environment, provide high quality employment and benefit the community as a whole.

“Too long people in Thanet have been told what is good for them. For too long we’ve hoped for big businesses or “entrepreneurs” – many of them extremely dodgy characters – to come and bring their money to the Isle.

“Little of what they’ve done has brought lasting benefit to the area.  We want the people who live here to propose things which will set Thanet on its feet again.”

Following rigorous examination and discussion the ideas, Jackie said, will be fed into a carefully worked out economic plan .

“When we’ve put together our plan,” she says, “we will present it to John McDonnell and the rest of the Shadow Treasury Team and seek the commitment of a future Labour government to help us put it into practice.”

The plan, which is part of the Poverty is a Crime Campaign organised by Momentum Thanet, will be launched at a public meeting on Wednesday 9 March at 7pm at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs CT10 2BT.

At the launch there will be a special screening of a film illustrating the impact of deprivation and joblessness on Thanet and this will be followed by a discussion. Anyone who wants to contribute their ideas in advance of the meeting can email Jackie Walker on