pierremont park


For the last 12 years the Tory controlled town council of Broadstairs has been trying to build a community centre in the town’s park. Residents have resisted because they fear the loss of green space and the destruction of trees. Many also see the centre as an unnecessary waste of money. Several months ago Thanet District Council came under control of the Labour Party who blocked the project. But the Tory town council threatened legal action, and now the district council has proposed that a scaled down version of the centre should proceed. This is a film of a demonstration against the centre which took place in 2010.


Shocking news hits me from on one of Thanet’s utterly reliable bloggers.

Thanet Watch magazine, for which I write, is apparently funded by money from the totalitarian territory of North Korea.

Surely not!

But if it’s on the blogs…

I make enquiries, and discover to my utter astonishment, this staggering, unbelievable rumour is true.

Apparently Thanet Watch put in for a special grant from the horrific regime’s Blood Money Fund and won a huge amount of development money.

I ring up someone with strong connections to an anonymous Chinese takeaway in Minster and ask him for details.

“Oh yeah, yeah,” he says, “It was either you, a new community centre in Broadstairs Pierremont Park or an underground day centre for members of the Ramsgate Society. You just got it.”

Someone has smacked my gob and I have lost all feeling in it. 

By Old Mole