The organisers of Saturday’s Jeremy Corbyn rally in Ramsgate believe it will start a new movement for change in Thanet.

Jackie Walker of Momentum Thanet said: “This huge and amazing rally was the biggest political event on the isle in years. It shows the huge appetite among people here for a new beginning.”

Momentum is now in the process of setting up of working groups to tackle issues such as health, housing, jobs and education in Thanet and is inviting local people to get involved.

She said: “We urgently want people who have expertise and ideas to come forward. Another Thanet is possible – but it has to be a collective effort.”

The organisers were  amazed when a crowd – estimated by the BBC to be 3000 strong – packed the town’s East Cliff bandstand.

The large crowds meant Mr Corbyn had to speak from a fire engine to be seen.

“It was absolutely staggering,” Jackie said. “And at such short notice — we only knew Jeremy was coming a few days before.”

The rally, called “Another Thanet Is Possible”, was planned to take place on Ramsgate seafront. The coming of Mr Corbyn meant a last minute change of venue.

“It was all hands to the wheel – and it meant a big group effort by all our volunteers,” Jackie said.

She added:  “I must send our great thanks to the Events Team of Thanet District Council who were so helpful in making possible our move with such little warning.”

Rumours of a planned disruption by far-right groups came to nothing.

The next steps for Momentum following the rally will be discussed at a meeting on Tuesday 13 September at 7pm at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2BT.




Show your support for Jeremy Corbyn and his policies that will end austerity, provide jobs and homes for all, protect the NHS, protect our environment and build a fairer society. Bring banners, flags, whistles, and music for a lively, fun event! (If you know of a musician or other performer who wants to perform in support of Jeremy, let us know on  07989 070843 or inmeds@yahoo.co.uk) Assemble 11am, Sat 3 September, by the Obelisk, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8LN



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duncan smithson

Duncan Smithson

So why did Thanet’s UKIP star, mayor of Ramsgate, Trevor Shonk REALLY not endorse (or say even half a word in support of) his party’s candidate for the critical Newington by-election, fun-loving Duncan Smithson?

I’m sure there are many good reasons, but is it possible one may have been dashing Dunc’s poor record on crystal ball gazing?

A couple of years ago Dunc, before he was a Kipper, speculated in learned terms on which party was going to win the parliamentary seat of Thanet South.

“Thanet South has always been a swing seat,” he wrote on a local blog, “and often a close run thing… The question is – how big will the UKIP swing be? It’s difficult to tell. The polls put it as a three way split. The word on the street is UKIP – as much a vote for change as vote for the party. If Farrage [sic] stands, I think it’s a done deal.”

Done deal? Oh dear! Not exactly was it? Nidge lost Thanet South by almost 3,000 votes, with hordes of Labour voters deciding to vote Tory rather than let the Kipper in.

So is that why Trev isn’t singing your praises, Dunc – your electoral judgement?

Or has he got other reasons? Come on, Trev – dish it!



Poor areas such as Thanet will be among the highest areas of priority for a new Labour government, says Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Mr McDonnell said: “Thanet epitomises the enduring poverty and inequality which bedevils large parts of the UK. When Labour regains power we must turn things round.”

“We will work to bring jobs to the people of these areas, together with all the precious things jobs bring with them, like dignity, self-worth, self-esteem.”

Mr McDonnell will be coming to Ramsgate in Thanet on Tuesday 19 January at the invitation of the Momentum Thanet group.

Momentum Organiser Jackie Walker, who lives in Broadstairs, said this will be a unique opportunity for people in Thanet to find out for themselves about the policies and ideas of the new “People’s Chancellor”.

Jackie said: “We’ve heard much on the TV and in the newspapers about the Labour opposition under the new leader Jeremy Corbyn. But now we’ll have a chance to hear from one of Jeremy’s closest colleagues and to question him. ”

Mr McDonnell will be speaking about his “new economics” – Labour’s plans to fight against austerity – and how a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn will change things in Thanet.

Mr McDonnell visited Thanet last year and said he was struck by how the Isle, though in the south east of England, shares many of the problems of the poorest areas in the north, hit by the run-down of industries like coal and steel.

“For years and years generations of British people have been left with unemployment or sub-employment – part-time work without prospects and zero-hours contracts. Thanet has suffered all this along with the social breakdown that goes with it. When Labour gain power, turning this round this will be at the top of our agenda.”

The shadow chancellor is also likely to be questioned on his attitude to referendum on the European Union, the Trident nuclear missile system, Britain’s bombing of Syria, and Jeremy Corbyn’s reshuffle of the shadow cabinet.

Mr McDonnell will be speaking at 7pm, Tuesday 19 January in the Kings Theatre, Kings Street, Ramsgate. Officially the event is sold out, but there may be late cancellations. Ring 07989 070843 or 01843 604633 or email momentumthanet@googlemail.com for more details.



jeremy corbyn cu

Do you want to help Jeremy Corbyn in his battle against the media and many of his own MPs? Momentum, the group dedicated to supporting Jeremy in his attempt to change the way we do politics is setting up in Thanet. Its first meeting is in Ramsgate on Wednesday 25 November at 7pm in the Oddfellows Hall, 142 High St, Ramsgate CT11 9TT. To read more about this controversial new group see the new issue of Thanet Watch, out now in newsagents & shops across Thanet, price 80p.


Anti-UKIP campaigners are calling for one last push to stop Nigel Farage turning Thanet into UKIP’s stronghold in England.

The Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU) group have declared Saturday 3 May a day of action in Ramsgate.

There will be stalls, music, speeches and more, starting in Ramsgate town centre at 12 noon.

Thanet SUTU is putting out a “May Day” alert for people to come and support this major anti-UKIP event.

A spokesperson for the group said: “UKIP and Farage are a force for division and disunity in our community.

“They constantly attack and scapegoat minorities – immigrants, foreigners, gay people – and the result is that many people who once felt safe and happy in Thanet are now becoming fearful for their future.

“We want to unite the people of Thanet against UKIP’s divisive messages. Let’s all come together to reject Nigel Farage and call on our friends and neighbours to reject him, too.”

“Other parties may have let us down in the past, but we must realise that voting for UKIP will be like going from the frying pan into the fire.”

Thanet SUTU is putting out a plea for help from all over the country.

Said its spokesperson: “If Farage wins in Thanet it will be more than just a disaster for us locally, it will be bad news for the country as a whole. On the other hand he’s said if he loses here he will step down as its leader. Please come and help us stop Farage and his party gaining power here.”