There will be a special event about refugees in Margate House, Friday 3 June, 7-9pm.

This will include an exhibition of Bill Knight’s photographs  called “The Refugee’s Gift”

Visitors can also hear about how Thanet people are responding to refugees in Kent and Calais.

A new film will be launched about young asylum seekers in Kent and there will be a discussion about how people can get involved in welcoming refugees.

Thanet people are collecting donations for Calais, working in the distribution centres, campaigning for rights, supporting individuals and building a culture of welcome in Thanet. This is a chance to find out what more you can do!

Can Thanet become an “Isle of Sanctuary”?

The Refugee’s Gift is at Margate House, 39-41 High Street, CT9 1DX Margate




A public meeting about the causes of the Syrian war and the refugee crisis is to be held in Broadstairs on Wednesday 14 October.

At the meeting journalist and author Ian Sinclair will explain how events in Syria have led to the thousands of people fleeing for their lives across Europe.

Mr Sinclair will argue that people in Britain get a limited and distorted view of what’s been happening in Syria – in particular the role of western countries.

He says: “Other than a few honourable exceptions, journalists have repeatedly downplayed the scale of western intervention in Syria.

“Contrary to the actual actions of the west in Syria, much of the reporting and analysis of the mainstream press has presented a false narrative of western inaction and benevolence.”

He argues that this makes it harder for the general public to understand our own role in exacerbating the refugee crisis.

He says: “As David Yelland, the former editor of the Sun, once said “People attack papers for what they print. But what they don’t print is often the bigger story.”

Mr Sinclair is the author of “The March That Shook Blair.”

An open discussion will follow his presentation.

The meeting, which has been organised by the Thanet Left Forum, is at 7pm on Wednesday 14 October at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2BT. Entry is free and all are welcome