Will Scobie

This is an open letter from Will Scobie, the Labour candidate for South Thanet, to his rival Nigel Farage.

Why Are You Afraid to Debate?

April 22 2015

Dear Mr Farage,

We have just learned that, once again, you will not join us for the election hustings this Friday, at St George’s School in Broadstairs.

Apparently you have decided to ignore the public debate and have your own ticketed meeting that evening. Your no-shows at the last three hustings mean this was not a surprise. You clearly don’t think much of local people or their opinions. But this is the biggest debate yet, and one of the last chances members of the public will get to ask you questions before polling day on May 7th.

The fact you’ve repeatedly ducked these hustings doesn’t bode well for the people of Thanet if you become our next MP. Would your constituency surgeries be ticketed events? Would your casework be vetted and the problems of non-Ukip supporters ignored? You claim to be the candidate fighting for change, but actually what you’re doing is rolling the clock back to the days of absentee MPs and rotten borough politics, when well-off people from London like you made decisions for everyone else. You have been a truant MEP for the area for the last 16 years, and now you want to take us back to the days when ordinary people did not have Westminster representation.

I’m not frightened of speaking to those I disagree with, and if I was elected I’d fight as hard for those people as for the ones that did vote for me. My only priority is sticking up for Thanet. Can you say the same?

If you can answer yes to this question then I ask you to reschedule your ticketed event this Friday and come to listen to the opinions of the several hundred Thanet residents who will be at the election hustings. Some will agree with you and some will disagree with you. But that is democracy Mr Farage, and it’s something we need more of – not less.

Yours sincerely,

Will Scobie

Labour candidate for South Thanet



Well, election time in Thanet is getting stranger by the day.

Now a member of the House of Lords is telling everyone to vote for Labour’s Will Scobie to stop Farage getting in – and has been out canvassing with him.

The lord is Matthew Oakeshott who years ago was a member of the Labour Party and stood for parliament for them in the 1970s. He became a parliamentary assistant to Roy Jenkins and tn the 1980s he shifted to the SDP–Liberal Alliance and after that toiled for many years for the Lib-Dems.

But Oakeshott fell out with the Lib-Dems hierarchy after they got into bed with the Tories and formed the coalition government. He attacked the coalition’s austerity policies and its reorganisation of the health service.

In July 2012 he referred to George Osborne as a “work-experience chancellor” and in 2013 called for Nick Clegg to resign as leader of the Lib-Dems, even suggesting that the Coalition may have to break apart.

In 2014 he commissioned telephone polls which indicated that the Lib-Dem’s would pick up votes if Clegg was replaced as party leader.

Clegg accused Oakeshott of seeking to “undermine” the Lib-Dems and Oakeshott subsequently resigned from the party.

At the beginning of this year in an effort to “help save our country from a Tory government cringing to UKIP”. Oakeshott donated thousands of pounds to candidates of his choice across the Labour Party, Lib-Dems and also to the Green Party’s MP, Caroline Lucas.

Oakeshott describes himself now as a “non-party social democrat” but he’s been canvassing with Will Scobie in South Thanet and is calling a tactical vote to get Will elected.

He says: “Voters have three options: a) Nigel Farage’s bitter brew, b) the non-alcoholic UKIP-lite version from the Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay – an ex-leader and deputy leader of UKIP and twice UKIP candidate for Gillingham – or c) progressive, local Will Scobie for Labour.

“I’m calling on all Liberal Democrat, Green, moderate Conservative, and progressive voters in South Thanet to unite behind Scobie – if they do, Will will win.”



old mole

I hear from South Thanet Labour stalwart Keith Veness of a most interesting anusing conversation recently. He was at home one afternoon and was surprised to find himself being canvassed by none other than the Tory candidate himself, Mr Craig “I’m a chartered accountant and I’ve got a yacht” Mackinlay.

He discovered that the glamorous Mr Craig, while very glamorous of course, has an alarming gap in his knowledge of local affairs.

This is how their conversation went…

Craig: Have you considered voting Conservative?

Keith: I would rather put my private parts in a meat grinder than vote Tory!

Craig: We have done lots of good things for the country.

Keith: You mean like the Bedroom Tax?

Craig: Are you affected by it?

Keith: No but my next door neighbours have been and you’ve made their lives a misery, you b****ds!

Craig: We have created 1.5 million new jobs.

Keith: Mostly “zero hours” or bogus self-employment.

Craig: [reading from a “prompt card”] Well 36 Labour MPs employ staff on zero hours contracts.

Keith: So you do something outrageous and disgraceful and as long as a few of the opposition join in, that makes it okay?

Craig: No – I do share your concerns about zero-hours contracts.

Keith: While you’re here, what about the disgraceful privatisation and collapse of the Broadstairs Health Centre?

Craig: I don’t know anything about that.

Keith: But it’s opposite your very temporary office in the Broadway. You want to be the MP for Broadstairs and you don’t know anything about the biggest issue in the town?

Craig (backing down the path): It’s been nice to meet you.

Keith: (points at Scobie poster in window). “Couldn’t run a whelk stall” as Aneurin Bevan once remarked…


Thanet Question Time will be on Friday 8 November at 7.30pm, The Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs. Panel includes Thanet South MP Laura Sandys, Councillor Will Scobie and Green Party councillor Ian Driver. If you want to come ring 01843 604 253 or 07989 070843 or email inmeds@yahoo.co.uk to book.


I hear a surprising comment that a popular animated cartoon character has been selected to be the next Mayor of Margate! What a wonderful idea.

Further investigation reveals that in reality this is a 22 year old councillor called William Scobie and local wags have most comically got his name mixed up with that of a cartoon character called Scooby-Doo.

But I really do think it’s a wonderful idea.

For instance, I understand our local Conservative Party is looking for a new leader – so why not a Homer Simpson lookalike?

What better way to propel them back into the public imagination?

Of course he’d have to be rather overweight, bald, with a yellowing complexion and an overweening sense of his own self-importance importance… but, boys and girls, you could find someone, couldn’t you?

But watching the mayor of Margate in action on film is an awesome sight.

Just have a look at him on… Will Scobie

Even to Old Mole’s dim eyes, the 23-year old Mr William Scobie is destined for greater things.

So confident, so self-assured, so fluent, so media-savvy…

I put it to my great friend Janet from Thanet that this man is indubitably the next Tony Blair.

“Yeah,” Janet says, “All he needs to find is a couple of spare countries to smash, thousands and thousands of people to slaughter, and war crimes to dodge, and yeah, he could be the next Tony Blair.”

Trust Janet!

Old Mole