Month: February 2012


This is a statement from the Occupy Thanet group which is currently camped outside the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate…

Occupy Thanet was started in response to the many Occupy protests emerging across the world. It is people coming together to ensure that our voices are heard.

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world and the vast majority of our members support everything that the Turner Contemporary is doing for the regeneration of Margate. However we are also ashamed that the High Street and seafront have been allowed to deteriorate to their current states. We believe the local Council and developers are responsible due to either moral corruption or incompetence.

We are aware and fully understand that during a recession, cutbacks do have to be made. However, this is not a recession, this is a robbery where capitalism has operated without constraint or conscience.

Occupy is about a new way of doing things, which we believe is a good outlook to have when the current system is letting us down so badly.

We brought forward our planned Occupation in direct response to the illegal eviction of the Bank of Ideas in London. You can evict the building but NOT the idea.

We should also like to thank everyone in our local community who has come down to show their support.

We are the 99%.