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When 10 far right thugs attacked a Thanet Stand Up To UKIP stall on Saturday afternoon, the police took over 30 minutes to arrive, despite several eye witnesses ringing them and reporting that a serious assault was in process and that people were in danger.

By the time the police arrived the far right thugs had, of course, vanished.

Thanet Watch’s Norman Thomas, who was one of the people who reported the incident, said: “I told the police that these people were pursuing the Thanet SUTU members and they were in serious danger.

“As it happens no one was hurt, but they could have been beaten up or seriously injured or worse in the time it took the police to get there. It hardly bears thinking about.”

Thanet Watch contacted Kent Police to ask them why it took so long. This is what they said:

“Kent Police was called at 2.40 pm on Saturday 25th April to reports that a man in Broadstairs had a rosette ripped from his shirt [this was a separate attack on Labour Party canvassers in Lindenthorpe Rd].

“Just before 3 pm another call was taken about another disturbance in Broadstairs. [This was the attack on Thanet Stand Up To UKIP members].

“Both incidents are being investigated and officers believe the incidents may be related.

“Kent Police aims to get to all calls where crimes are in progress and/or life is at risk as quickly and safely as possible, which, in relation to the second incident, took 23 minutes.

“That afternoon was particularly busy for local police with 21 separate incidents reported between 2pm and 4 pm in Thanet alone, many of which required an urgent police response.”


How did you feel when you heard 900 refugees had died in the Mediterranean fleeing from war and danger?

People in Thanet felt deeply sad and held a moving vigil on Ramsgate sands.

The man trying to become their MP, Nigel Farage, on the other hand, detected a threat to Civilisation As We Know It.


Because as a result of this appalling tragedy our politicians may pass laws to allowing a few more migrants in.

Speaking at the European parliament the UKIP leader claimed that proposed new asylum laws would enable terrorists to get into Europe, posing a “real and genuine threat” to civilisation.

Meanwhile the people of Thanet, whose votes Farage is courting, planted flowers for the people who died.

Farage didn’t attend.


Anti-UKIP campaigners are calling for one last push to stop Nigel Farage turning Thanet into UKIP’s stronghold in England.

The Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU) group have declared Saturday 3 May a day of action in Ramsgate.

There will be stalls, music, speeches and more, starting in Ramsgate town centre at 12 noon.

Thanet SUTU is putting out a “May Day” alert for people to come and support this major anti-UKIP event.

A spokesperson for the group said: “UKIP and Farage are a force for division and disunity in our community.

“They constantly attack and scapegoat minorities – immigrants, foreigners, gay people – and the result is that many people who once felt safe and happy in Thanet are now becoming fearful for their future.

“We want to unite the people of Thanet against UKIP’s divisive messages. Let’s all come together to reject Nigel Farage and call on our friends and neighbours to reject him, too.”

“Other parties may have let us down in the past, but we must realise that voting for UKIP will be like going from the frying pan into the fire.”

Thanet SUTU is putting out a plea for help from all over the country.

Said its spokesperson: “If Farage wins in Thanet it will be more than just a disaster for us locally, it will be bad news for the country as a whole. On the other hand he’s said if he loses here he will step down as its leader. Please come and help us stop Farage and his party gaining power here.”


old mole

So when Monsieur Farage comes riding down the road on a tank, try to look surprised, do.

It’s his big secret plan for getting you out to vote and he will be ever so disappointed if you know all about it already.

He told the Telegraph he was planning “something special” for polling day and he was obviously relishing trundling around Ramsgate on a piece of military history.

How surprised and amazed those easily amazed Thanetian people would be…

Sorry about that, Nige.

But it wasn’t hard to work it out really.

I mean, you toyed with the same stunt at some by-election yonks ago and you loved it then, too, didn’t you?

So why not go for it again.

Don’t believe those carping critics who say posing with big guns suggests deep rooted sexual insecurity.

That didn’t put Adolf off, did it?



hitler on tank




by Rob Wedge

Whatever Mr Farage may say, racists support UKIP.

That’s what the events on Saturday afternoon on Broadstairs seafront have shown.

Racists identify with UKIP.

If UKIP are successful the racists believe that justifies their racism, makes their racism respectable.

It makes them bolder, more daring, more public in their racism.

In their racist ideas, in their racist acts.

But we must never tolerate racism.

We must deny it.

We must disprove it.

We must stop it.

And that is why we must not let UKIP win.


Here are Thanet Watch’s photos of the people who took part in the incident in Broadstairs on Saturday.

The man in the sun hat who appears in two of the photos is Gary Field, the right wing extremist featured in a Mail On Sunday article published yesterday.

In that article he admitted assaulting a Thanet Stand Up To UKIP campaigner and was photographed attending a Nigel Farage meeting in Broadstairs on the Friday.

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Saturday April 25 2015: ten members of the Kent National Front attack four members of anti-UKIP campaign group Thanet Stand Up to UKIP, on Broadstairs seafront. This is their edited footage. The attack follows a meeting held by Nigel Farage the night before which some of the National Front people attended. In his speech Farage singled out Thanet Stand Up To UKIP for special criticism. The National Front members also attacked Labour Party canvassers.



Today’s Mail on Sunday carries a piece which claims to expose right wing thugs supporting UKIP in Thanet. This report was compiled before the thugs attacked anti-UKIP campaigners and Labour Party canvassers in Broadstairs yesterday.

The man pictured is Gary Field who admits having assaulted an anti-UKIP campaigner and was at Nigel Farage’s meeting in Broadstairs on Friday evening.