Month: July 2016




The leader of Thanet council UKIP’s Chris Wells recently emailed an absurd “open letter” to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. In this strange farrago of innuendo King Chris refers to a challenge he says he made to local Labour activist Jackie Walker to  declare that she did not offer voters “cash incentives to vote for Labour” in a recent Ramsgate town by-election.

Being, of course, an intrinsically absurd proposition, most observers believe his must be some kind of strange diversionary satirical attack on Jackie, and indicates UKIP’s deep fears about losing two district council seats in Northwood to a resurgent Labour Party in the coming by-elections.

But Old Mole has another idea.

What Moley wonders is if this comic assault on Jackie might in reality be motivated (perhaps even unconsciously) by Chris’s extreme annoyance with Ms Walker beating him hollow in a debate earlier this year in St George’s school in Broadstairs…

Have a look at the full story of Jackie’s encounter with Chris Wells and see what you think. It’s in the new edition of THANET WATCH in all the best newsagents now…




Earlier this year shadow chancellor John McDonnell came to Ramsgate and challenged Thanet to come up with its own alternative economic plan. In this issue we begin the debate, exploring how new initiatives in health, homes, education and jobs could make another, better Thanet possible. ALSO: What’s the way forward for Jeremy Corbyn? The new Thanet Watch is available in independent newsagents and shops across the locality, price 80p. For full list see click on heading above.


jeremy corbyn cu

This Friday Momentum Thanet is kicking off the local campaign to help re-elect Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party.

Come along and find out how you can help.

7pm, Friday 29 July, at Broad St Hall, 3a Broad Street, Ramsgate CT11 8NQ
All welcome

Ring 07989 070843 if you require further information.



Interested in Jeremy Corbyn and the future of the Labour Party? Come to this special meeting at the Red Hall at 7pm this Tues, 19 July. Special guest speaker is Richard Seymour, political commentator and author of the acclaimed “Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics”. Called by the Thanet Left Forum and Momentum Thanet

7pm, Tues 19 July, The Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2BT.

More info: 01843 604633, 07989 070843 or email