Jackie Walker

Jeremy Corbyn achieved stunning success in the general election – despite a stream of smears and attacks which came from within his own party.

The most damaging attack was an accusation that he and many of his supporters were anti-semitic.

Now Corbyn supporter Jackie Walker is putting on a show which reveals the truth behind the smears.

It will be performed for the first time in Broadstairs on Sunday 18 June.

Says Jackie: “After he became leader of the Labour Party a vicious smear campaign against Jeremy began and as one of his supporters I found myself a target of a series of horrendous attacks, including a vicious and unfounded attempt to smear me as an anti-semite.”

“It was the most shocking experience of my life,” she says.

A victim of what she claims was “fake news” and a barrage of false allegations, Jackie was removed from her position as vice-chair of the Corbyn-supporting Momentum group.

“I was demonised by the media,” Jackie says. “People attacked me in the street and the abuse I got on social media was truly disgusting. I was even suspended by the Labour Party. It was horrible.”

The worst thing was, Jackie says, is that she was unable to defend herself. “The media had passed verdict on me – and nobody wanted to hear what I had to say.”

Her new one-woman show provides her with the chance to tell her side of the story – including her extraordinary personal history .

“I came over to Britain from Jamaica as a child in the 1950s and, believe me, I know what racism is all about. That’s why it was so awful when people tried to smear me as a racist.”

During the course of her show Jackie, who has a background in drama, plays her own mother, herself as a child and a lawyer prosecuting her.

She remains a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn..

She says: “Jeremy achieved a stunning victory in the general election – despite the efforts of people even within his own party to undermine him. It just adds to my admiration of Jeremy that he succeeded despite these efforts.”

The first performance of the Lynching is at 7pm on Sunday 18 June at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs. Jackie will then take the production on a short tour of the country, including two days in the Edinburgh Fringe climaxing in a performance during the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Entrance by donation. All seats must be booked in advance – telephone 07989070843 or email inmeds@yahoo.co.uk.



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The South East Regional Network of Momentum has passed a motion calling for the immediate reinstatement of Jackie Walker as vice-chair of Momentum nationally and condemning the decision to remove her.

On Sunday 30 October the network, which represents a wide array of Momentum local groups from Oxford to Thanet, adopted the emergency resolution which was moved by Momentum Brighton and Hove.

The resolution states that the evidence used by the steering group to take its decision — secret filming of a contribution Jackie made at a fringe meeting of the Labour Party conference – was “completely unacceptable”.

“Further,” the resolution contunues, “we do not believe that a decision of this magnitude should have been made by a hastily called steering group without due process but by a more democratic body with evidence being produced and with due respect to natural justice and after wider consultation.”





Momentum Thanet’s organiser Jackie Walker was suspended from the Labour Party for comments secretly filmed at a training session held by the Jewish Labour Movement at the Labour Party Conference. The day before the training session she spoke at a meeting held by Free Speech on Israel, a group of mainly Jewish activists . This is a full, uncut recording of her speech made with her permission.


On Monday 3 October the steering committee of national Momentum announced it had decided to remove her from her position as vice chair for remarks she made at meeting at the Labour Party Conference. The following is the response of Momentum Thanet


We note that the national Momentum steering committee has voted to remove Jackie Walker from her position as vice chair of the committee but allowed her to remain on the committee.

We note that the committee has taken this decision on the basis of remarks made by Jackie at a meeting held by the Jewish Labour Movement, a predominantly right-wing organisation, and on secret filming, the source of which has not been revealed.

We note, too, that, while stating that they did not believe she had said anything anti-Semitic or anything that justified the Labour Party suspending her (which it had already done), the national Momentum steering committee in a statement said:  “However, the committee does consider her remarks on Holocaust Memorial Day and on security of Jewish schools to be ill-informed, ill-judged and offensive.”

We note, however, that none of the members of the national Momentum steering committee were present at the meeting in question and so can only have based their decision on reports of the meeting or the short extract of unattributed secret filming of the meeting.

On the other hand, three of our own Momentum Thanet were actually present at the meeting and can categorically deny that Jackie said anything “ill-informed, ill-judged or offensive” or indeed anything which warranted taking disciplinary action against her, whether by national Momentum or the Labour Party

Regarding her remarks on Holocaust Memorial, Jackie simply expressed her wish that the day should open to people who had suffered in other holocausts. (According to its website Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates genocides since and after the Nazi period). When other people at the session said that in fact it already was open to other groups, Jackie replied that it didn’t seem to be widely advertised as such.

In terms of the discussion of security of Jewish schools, it’s alleged that Jackie doubted the need for increased security for Jewish children. This is again a complete distortion of what she actually said, which was that anti-Semitism wasn’t the sole cause for increased security levels in British schools.

Having pointed out the lack of substance in the evidence used to take action against Jackie, we must also question how the decision was taken. Was a thorough investigation of the reliability of the information undertaken? Was it asked who undertook the secret filming or the context in which Jackie made her remarks? And perhaps, most importantly, why were no members of Momentum who were actually present at the meeting not questioned before the steering committee took their decision?

Along with our deep concerns about how the decision was taken, we also strongly doubt that the decision reflects the democratic will of Momentum in the country at large. And we are greatly concerned the message it sends to the outside world about Momentum’s attitude to free speech, natural justice and solidarity with its own members.

We, therefore, call for Jackie Walker to be immediately reinstated as vice chair and be provided with an official apology from the steering committee for the action taken against her.

As agreed at a meeting of Momentum Thanet on October 4 2016

Norman Thomas, Chair of Thanet Momentum.



Momentum’s Jackie Walker has been suspended from the Labour Party for comments secretly filmed at a training session held by the Jewish Labour Movement at the 2016 Labour Party Conference. The day before the training session she spoke at a meeting held by Free Speech on Israel, a mainly Jewish group of labour, green and trade union activists in the UK. This is a full, uncut recording of her speech made with her permission.


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It’s been reported by the BBC that the Labour Party has suspended Thanet Momentum’s Jackie Walker for “controversial remarks” she allegedly made at a training session for dealing with anti-Semitism held during the Labour Party conference.

This is the second time Jackie’s been suspended by the Labour Party. Earlier this year she was suspended for alleged anti-Semitic remarks on her Facebook page. At that time the case against her was investigated and dismissed by the party. 

The national Momentum steering committee is also considering removing her from her position as vice chair. It is due to come to a decision on Monday.

Norman Thomas, chair of Momentum Thanet, was at the training session which is at the centre of the allegations and strongly refutes that anything she said would warrant any action against her from either the Labour Party or Momentum.  Below is his detailed account of the controversy.  


By Norman Thomas, Chair of Momentum Thanet & Member of South Thanet Labour Party

I and other colleagues attended a training session held by the Jewish Labour Movement at the recent Labour Party Conference and we can all categorically deny that Jackie made any anti-Semitic comments whatsoever.

Various print and online publications have quoted three issues as being the basis for criticism of Jackie. Each one is without foundation.

First, it was alleged that Jackie had made comments suggesting additional security was not needed for Jewish children in schools. She said nothing of the sort.

The presenter of the session quoted the presence of increased security in schools in Britain as evidence of increased anti-Semitism in this country. Jackie simply pointed out that the increased level of security in schools was not necessarily down to the presence of Jewish children in those schools.

Second, it was alleged that Jackie had said that she had not been unable to obtain a definition of anti-Semitism she could work with – implying that she was in some way sceptical about the existence of anti-Semitism.

In reality, she said that she hadn’t heard a practical definition of anti-Semitism at the training session we were attending . Indeed several other people asked the presenter of the session for his definition of anti-Semitism – but he seemed unable or unwilling to give one.

In a training session which purported to help Labour Party members deal with issues relating to anti-Semitism a working definition of anti-Semitism was a fundamental lack.

Third, and perhaps most defamatory of all, it was alleged in the reports that Jackie had “criticised” Holocaust Memorial Day, as though she didn’t want people to remember the Holocaust.

Jackie certainly did not criticise Holocaust Memorial Day. Instead she expressed her wish that it was open to people who had suffered in other holocausts. This did lead to several other people in the session saying that in fact it already was. Jackie replied that it didn’t seem to be widely advertised as such.

Whatever anyone’s feelings about exactly who is and who isn’t entitled to be remembered on Holocaust Memorial Day, what she said could not be in any way construed as anti-Semitic.

Overall, I can say that the reports of this meeting, including a highly selective piece of secret filming, which have been circulated in the media, in no way fairly reflect what was said there.  Other individuals also present at the meeting, including Jewish people, agree with my comments and heartily deplore the fantastically distorted way it has been reported.

I note, too, some reports of this event quoted other examples of Jackie’s alleged “anti-Semitism”,  all of which were examined and dismissed at a previous inquiry by the Labour Party some months ago.

This is a blatant attempt to smear the reputation of a person who herself is of Jewish descent, whose partner is Jewish and who has spent a large part of her life campaigning against racism as well as suffering racist attacks on her own behalf.

It seems that Jackie has fallen foul of false allegations which have been used against so many of the people whose real crime has been simply to support Jeremy Corbyn.

For either Momentum or the Labour Party to take any action against Jackie Walker whatsoever on the basis of what she said at this meeting would constitute injustice on a grand scale.


If you want to express your support for Jackie Walker, contact Momentum’s Emma Rees on emma.rees@peoplesmomentum.com and  the Labour Party’s general secretary Iain Mcnicol via their website www.labour.org.uk.

See also momentumthanet.org.uk










According to a report on Channel Four news the steering committee of national Momentum is considering removing Jackie Walker from her position as vice chair of national Momentum.

This is based on “secret filming” at a fringe event of the Labour Party Conference at which, it is alleged, Jackie made some controversial remarks including criticising Holocaust Memorial Day.

Norman Thomas, chair of Momentum Thanet was present at the meeting and says the account of Jackie’s remarks were distorted and unfair.

Mr Thomas said: “I was at that meeting and can testify she said nothing whatsoever anti-Semitic. She did not in any way “criticise” Holocaust Memorial Day or imply that it was not possible to define anti-semitism.

“She did wish that Holocaust Memorial Day might be open to more groups who have experienced terrible suffering in the past, prior to WWII, and she did say, quite rightly, that the presenter at the meeting had failed, despite repeated requests, to come up with a coherent definition of anti-Semitism

“Jackie is a long-time anti-racist campaigner, is of Jewish descent and has a Jewish partner. She is not and never has been anti-Semitic. I have stood alongside her demonstrating against fascist thugs and bullies in Margate and Dover. To accuse her of anti-Semitism is disgusting.

“On Channel Four news her remarks were taken out of context and the short fragment of film shown on TV was totally unrepresentative of the full discussion which took place.This is an outrageous attempt to smear Jackie and so damage Jeremy Corbyn by association and it is utterly unfair and unjust.”

Added Mr Thomas: “Momentum is taking its decision this Monday — so people wishing to support her should act urgently”

Anyone wishing to express support for Jackie Walker should email emma.rees@peoplesmomentum.com stating if they are a member of the Labour Party etc.