Month: May 2012

Thanet Councillor John Worrow sends a personal message to David Cameron

This is the statement that Independent Thanet Councillor John Worrow has made about Conservative Councillor Ken Gregory.


Last night I recieved a telephone call from an Inspector from Kent Police confirming that Councillor Ken Gregory is the person who committed a homophobic hate crime against me in the form of a voice mail. As this was Mr Gregory’s first hate crime, it was decided to give him a caution. As Mr Gregory can not possibly remain a member of the Conservative Party or a member of Thanet District Council after saying “With a bit of luck you’re get aids”I feel that a caution should be punishment enough. My colleagues and I hope that this has not trigged a hate campaign. There is absolutely no justification what-so-ever for that kind of behaviour towards anyone regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality and I expect a full apology at the next council meeting.
Councillor John Worrow



MP for Thanet South Laura Sandys sent this statement to to the meeting on Wednesday 23rd May called to discuss changes in the NHS in Thanet. 

I am very sorry not to be with you tonight.  The NHS is an extremely important part of not just our public sector but our national identity and as a result it is crucial that we ensure that we have an excellent service delivering for all residents of South Thanet.  I will always be committed to a health service that is free to all, funded from general taxation and delivers on the basis of need- not ability to pay.

We are absolutely committed to not only protecting the NHS but also improving it. Indeed we are spending more on the NHS than the opposition is committing to spend. This is not to say that there are not some really difficult issues that we need to face with the rise in the cost of medications and the increasing ageing of the population.

With regards to QEQM, I have on several occasions made clear that I am completely against any erosion to Accident and Emergency services at QEQM. Roger Gale and I have had several meetings with Stuart Bain and the consultants at the hospital, bringing them together to discuss some of the issues around patient safety. I am extremely concerned about rumours that have been circulating stating that A & E at Margate is to be closed. This is absolutely not true and I have had the chairman and chief executive’s personal assurances that this is categorically not the case. We have a wonderful local hospital with excellent facilities and I will fight to keep it that way.

I am very happy to take up any concerns that you have or that emerge from the meeting tonight.  As your local MP, I am here to help and constituents can always contact me.

Very best wishes

Laura Sandys


“As part of the recently agreed TDC Corporate Plan, our new administration has added a key priority ‘to influence the work of other agencies to ensure the best outcomes for Thanet’.

Residents should be assured we will do everything in our power to protect and wherever possible improve local services, especially in relation to health and well-being.

Overwhelmingly, statistics and local demographics confirm that our district has a very strong case to maintain our current NHS services and a fully functioning QEQM”.

Cllr Clive Hart – Thanet District Council Leader.


Shocking news from Thanet Council.

The organisation has turned to drugs to settle the fierce quarrels between the pugnacious party politicos.

As a result Labour council members have decided to shrug their shoulders, chill out, and leave the Tories to take control of the council again.

But, no. Further investigation reveals that it’s all a dream, or, rather, a mistake.

A document was released which showed council members with titles accidentally swopped round.

The document is quickly re-released corrected.

But one thing which remains is its reference to a new “Joint Transformation Board”.

This surely is solid evidence that the council is determined to experiment with powerful chemical substances in pursuit of excellence in local government practices.

But no, apparently, this, too, is a mistake.

Joint Transformation Board should be Joint TRANSPORTATION board.

Such a shame.

(My thanks to that great blogger Michael Child for help in investigating this mystery.)


Here’s an event that we managed to miss out in June’s listing in the new edition of THANET WATCH magazine.


Clive Holland and other professional actors in the area are taking part in a Murder Mystery especially for the mayor’s fundraising, at
the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate on Friday 22 June.

The performance is created by Annette Mutton and Albert House Productions, famous for previous performances in the Summer Squall event in Ramsgate.

You work out who did it and have a three course meal, all for £29.

Starts at 7.15pm.

You can book through David Hougham, tel: 01843 601233