Month: October 2014


Thanet, East Kent, is being heavily targeted by UKIP. Nigel Farage is standing in Thanet South and they’re also targeting the local council and Thanet North. UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson said that some parts of Thanet are “no go” areas because of immigration into the area. In this clip, Aram Rawf visits the locality and says that immigration has actually IMPROVED the area. (“IS UKIP RACIST?” see the latest edition of Thanet Watch magazine in newsagents now.)


Attempts to reopen Manston Airport centre on the American company River Oak Investment Corp. But how much is really known about River Oak? Following an investigation into River Oak’s background, on 30th July Thanet Watch magazine contacted the company with a list of relevant questions. To date the magazine has received no answer. Below is reproduced the email which Thanet Watch sent to them. (For the full story see the October issue of Thanet Watch in newsagents across Thanet now.)

JULY 30 2014
Dear Stephen DeNardo
I am contacting you from Thanet Watch, a community magazine in the county of Kent.
I am writing an article about the situation with Manston Airport in Kent, UK, and River Oak’s role in this, and wonder if you can help me with a few questions. My deadline is tomorrow at 3pm (British time)  so I would appreciate your speedy response
Can you tell me which of your River Oak partners was instrumental in the financing and restructuring of an airport in Texas and which airport this was?
Which military air base were you personally involved with and what “alternative aviation uses” was the base put to?
Can you tell me what happened with your involvement in the Velocity project in Yonkers? I understand you were a co-defendant in a legal case arising from this project. Is this correct?
What happened with Velocity in the end? What was your final involvement in this project?
What part did River Oak play in the setting up, in 2006, of a company called REMI RiverOak? What did this company do and what is it doing now?
Why did you this month set up a company called Riveroak Aviation Associates? What’s the purpose of this company? Why did you set up in Delaware?
How was your company affected by the sub-prime loans and mortgates collapse? And how do you now view your involvement with Erik A Kaiser and his REMI Companies?
Thanks very much
Thanet Watch
11 Grosvenor Rd
CT10 2BT
01843 604 253 / 07989 070843