For the last 12 years the Tory controlled town council of Broadstairs has been trying to build a community centre in the town’s park. Residents have resisted because they fear the loss of green space and the destruction of trees. Many also see the centre as an unnecessary waste of money. Several months ago Thanet District Council came under control of the Labour Party who blocked the project. But the Tory town council threatened legal action, and now the district council has proposed that a scaled down version of the centre should proceed. This is a film of a demonstration against the centre which took place in 2010.

One comment

  1. I seem to recall… that those elected at the last Broadstairs election supported the building of the centre, if that is accurate then it would seem, by their election, that the populace of Broadstairs either didn’t know of the proposed centre (doubtful), didn’t care (more likely) or those against in such a small number that their votes made little difference (probable).

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