Helen Young’s sister killed herself by throwing herself under a train in Margate.

Helen says what drove her sister to it was anxiety over filling in an application form for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) — and fear of rejection.

Her sister was disabled by mental health problems and needed the PIP to live off.  But the PIP form, Helen says, was too long and difficult to fill in — and had a fatal impact on her sister.

Helen, who lives in Broadstairs, is calling on all candidates for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Thanet to pledge themselves to change what she sees as an inhuman system, if they are elected.

The Watch would be happy to film any candidate prepared to make such a pledge. Ring us on 07989 070843.



  1. Iv got fibromialgia and 2 collapsed discs bone spure I suffer from mental health depression ptsd.nuripathic pain chronic pain insomnia anaemia tenavosis hypermobilty anxiety I’ve applied several pip appointments. I’ve been turned down 3 times I’ve now got to go to court. On pervious times thay have lied so I don’t qualify I have been trying for a few yrs now I used to get disability for mental health but forgot to renew it as I was going though crown court for a ordeal that happened when I was a child the person got 15 yrs and since then I have been trying to claim pip. I’m in courts for pip on the 18th may.

    1. Also while going thoughcourt I got diagnosed with fibromialgia and I had a partial ruptured tendon in my knee. I also have problems trying to be moved as I live in a massionette with concrete out side stairs. And stairs in my property been here since I was 17. I have 2 children 3 birds and a dog. Life is extremely difficult

      1. Samantha, no one that does not have a chronic disability or illness can ever understand what we are forced to repeatedly endure. the whole sorry shambles of a system adds so much more stress and anxiety to our lives that any existing conditions are made far worse, especially fibro, it;s a hateful illness, i have fibro, arthritis, ibs and eye disease, so i do understand what life is like, Good luck with your tribuneral and i hope you get the award you deserve. If you ever have forms to fill in again go to citizens advice or welfare rights for help as it’s all n the wording and they are experts at filling these forms in x

  2. this is exactly why I darent apply for Pip !!!!
    I havent even plucked up the courage yet to even apply for a form to fill in … just the thought of starting this process after everything I was put through trying to claim ESA is enough to give my palpitations as that alone drove me to the brink of extinction .. the whole process scares the hell out of me and I am suffering both mentally and financially because of all this fear even though I have been told being on ESA in the support group I am entitled to this help

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